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Intellectual Property Research on Chemistry, Biotechnology, & Material Science.

The growth of information on the internet, proprietary databases and publishers has been astronomical since the beginning of the internet. Finding the correct information to be able to make important and critical business decisions for your organization can be a daunting task. Information, which could save your company millions of dollars in lost time and resources, is often hard to find. Swift Thinkers information Services is a company dedicated to finding the information you need to help with these crucial decisions. With an emphasis placed on patents, science and technology, Swift Thinkers Information will help research those business questions and topics necessary to strategically help your organization forge ahead of the competition. Services include research, analysis and consulting.

State of Art

A broad but not exhaustive search of a particular topic or technology in order to strategically guide your project


A narrower but comprehensive search throughout the world’s known published literature and patents to see if there is any prior art, which could affect the patentability of your concept.


Infringement/Freedom-to-Operate/Right-to-Use – A search and analysis of claims to identify active patents that could possibly cover your patent.


 Invalidity/Opposition – A comprehensive search of the patent and non-patent literature to identify prior-art which could affect the claims of a patent.


A Search of the name of an applicant or inventor to find patents and non-patent literature linked to specified individual or applicant.


A search done to find patent and non-patent literature cited, citing or both, by a particular patent or group of patents.


A search done to discover if a patent belongs to a family and it’s relationship to the other patents in the family.

Legal Status

A search conducted to find information related to the status of a patent.


A search conducted for requested information related to a chemical structure or fragment of a chemical structure. Information could include chemical properties, patents and non-patent literature.


A search is done for information in the patent and non-patent literature related to structures based on a certain substructure.  One can filter the structures retrieved by managing how you construct the sub-structure and which atoms are open to variability.


A search done for relative patents related to a Markush structure or a base structure that has particular sites on the structure denoting variablity.


A search done for relative chemical information from patents or non-patent literature related to chemical reactions. It could consist of reaction information, such as reagents, reaction conditions or starting materials, products.


A search conducted for requested information related to a gene or fragment of a gene.  Information sources could include patent and non-patent literature.


A search is done for relative patents and non-patent information related to materials focused on a certain industry or application. This search is closely tied to polymer search but may employ reaction, structure, substructure search techniques to find relevant information.


A search done for relative patents and non-patent information related to a polymers, momers, composites, adhesives. 


A general literature search is done for information to address a particular research question or topic, examples include clinical, thesis, regulatory, governmental policy or legal.

Business Searching

Business/Competitive Intelligence – A search conducted for information and data within a particular industry. This data includes but not limited to; Financial, economic, market, organizational information.


A service to analyze patents. It can be done using digital programs with varying degrees of complexity. These methods create patent landscapes in order to discover trends, answer scientific or business questions, and discover new areas of research.  


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