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Researching IP to aid in the discovery and protection of great ideas

IP and Chemistry Information Research

Swift Thinkers Information Services was first established in 2011. It is an information research and consulting firm specializing in science, patents, technology, and business research. The founder, Kevin Sund has over 10 years experience in the information industry, doing research, sales and customer services. If you wish to learn more about Kevin please go here


Our Services


Researching Patents

A range of searches can be done, including Novelty, Freedom-to-operate, Invalidity, Patent Family and Patent Legal Status..etc.


Analyzing Intellectual Propertys

Analyzing patents for general information and trends such as assingees, inventors, technology and  related patents to more complex searches such as landscape and custom fields search.

Chemistry Searching

A search conducted related to a chemical structure or subject related to chemistry. Structure searching includes substructure, reaction, and Markush searching. Information retrieved could include chemical properties, patents and non-patent literature.

Biotechnology Searching

Biotechnology searches for medical chemistry, structure arrays, bio-sequences and clinical information. 

IP Search Technology

Expertise in STN, SciFinder, and other CAS technologies, Questel Orbit, Intellixr….etc.

Science Focus

We specialize in the life science  and chemistry industries, including biotechnology, enviornmental, clinical, material science.


Why Choose Us

 Information Research Experts

 over 10 years experience in the information industry doing a wide variety of chemical searching, including chemical, substructure, makush, polymer and reaction searches. 

Technology Experts

Knowledge and experience using multiple search engines and databases, including STN, Questel, Intellixir and PatSeer.

Longterm Relationships

We strive to nurture longterm relationships with our clients which helps in the search process through more in-depth knowledge of the clients technology.

Our Philosophy


Secure and Integrity

 Using the latest in technology Swift Thinkers uses the latest in technology to make sure you search requests and deliverables are secure.


Honest Communication

We aspire for good direct communication  to establish the proper parameters for the request and ensure quality deliverables. 


Committed to Excellence

Swift Thinkers Information Service is dedicated to providing state of the art research using the latest available technology.

Our Partners

Kevin Sund

Kevin Sund

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