About Us

Swift Thinkers Information Services was conceptualized and formed in 2011 by Kevin Sund. It is an information research and consulting firm specializing in science, patents, technology, and business research.

With over 10 years’ experience in the information industry, doing research, sales and customer service, Kevin is uniquely suited to meet your information needs. At CAS Kevin learned the STN products and other tools necessary for researching science and patent information. More experience in patent searching was gained by doing it full time at a Bio-tech company in Colorado. After a very enjoyable stay Kevin left for Southeast Asia.

Kevin received his Bachelor of Arts from Otterbein College. It was during this time that he became passionate about studying a variety of subjects, particularly Chemistry and Biology. Later he received his Master’s in Chemistry from the University of Arizona and a Master’s in Education from Otterbein College.

Currently, Kevin spends the majority of his time in Southeast Asia, while traveling for extended periods to United States for professional organizations and conferences. Kevin enjoys staying overseas and working with different cultures. In his free time Kevin travels, searches and learns a different language and culture.